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Top 5 Reasons To Book a Limo For a Wine Tour

wine tour

Wine tourism also called enotourism refers to such a tour whose purpose includes wine tasting, purchasing and consumption. It mostly occurs near its source.

It involves long tours to wineries or sometimes participating in wine manufacture. Wine tours have been going on for years and have sprung from Italy and Spain, where during spring the residents of the town will head to the local winery to make wine as a recreational activity.

Vinturism industry has grown magnanimously. Around 27% of Americans visit the wineries’ every year. This is an opportunity to see how wine is manufactured and gives you the chance to step in and make the wine yourself, you can even spend the night at the winery as some wineries even offer night stay motels.

If you are a wine lover, wine tasting beginner or an experienced connoisseur who has consumed wines throughout the globe then a trip to Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington DC will be a new experience for you.

It will be a thrilling adventure for you and the wine there is better than any other place.

Maryland is filled with exciting places and the number of wineries in Maryland and wineries have tremendously increased in Virginia too.

Reasons To Book a Limo For a Wine Tour

Wine tasting is cheap near Washington DC Many festivals with a lot of new wine continue happening there. The one most common is Vintage Virginia wine and food festival that occurs in Virginia on June 3rd and 4th.

If you are interested in tasting best wine and enjoying captivating sceneries of Maryland and Northern Virginia then don’t bother to drive your own cars. Ditch the rental cars and book a limo from our win tour limo service.

Limo wine tour is best for an intimate or newly wedding couple for a romantic ride. These are also best for a spectacular adventure with your friends.

Here are some reasons to book a limo for a wine tour:


It is illegal to drive while drunk, There is a large presence of law enforcement agencies in the area to prevent drunk driving . This driver cannot drink. By hiring a limo you can save yourselves from the trouble of driving and dealing with the police. It is also very risky from safety point of view to drive while drinking because most of the accidents occur due to driving while drunk. If you hire a limo service then you do not need to cut fun short due to being a designated driver.

An important part of the tour is to enjoy the captivating sceneries around you which you will be unable to do so if you are the responsible driver. Driving in the narrow roads of the country can be tricky moreover most of the streets to wineries are devoid of street lights.

One wrong turn can cost you big time.. Some people use services like public transport to reach wineries but it is risky to travel with a driver new to the routes. By hiring a limo service you can avoid all this trouble and enjoy you tour with a licensed and luxury limousine that has experience with the roads.


whilst many people do prefer to take their personal cars for a wine tour, why not make your experience extra special by arriving in style in a luxury fleet, we offer luxury vehicles that will make your tour one to remember.

You can prevent all this by hiring our limo service. A limo has enough space for all your friends and for you to even lie down while driving. The Air conditioner in the limo is best suited for warm springs and summer tours. There are a lot of option in choosing limo. You can choose the best according to your needs.


The whole point of a wine tour is to have an experience that is memorable what can be more memorable than arriving at the venue with all your loved ones together, instead of touring on different cars. Arrive in the same luxury limo and enjoy the limo experience, you can even bring your own bottles of wine to make the tour extra special.

Knowledgeable Limo Drivers

A good limo service knows everything about wineries and can plan the best trip according to your time and budget. If you do not know the name of the winery you want to visit but knows its whereabouts than the limo service can fill you in.It can guide you according to your taste for wines either you want a small boutique winery or a restaurant with wines from all around the world or a restaurant that offers scrumptious food and exotic wine.

Our drivers are skilled and professional and will offer courteous service to ensure that your experience with us is unforgettable, our customers are our family and not just clients, this is why we go over and beyond when it comes to caring for our clients.

Best Spots

If you hire a limo service then you can decide the winery and its location according to your taste. Either you want to see meadows or you are a mountain lover .A professional driver knows the best spots on the route to the winery.

Visiting these iconic spots will make your trip memorable and you will not regret spending the money. Sometimes it is necessary to move away from the crowd and enjoy just with yourself professional chauffeur can take you to places that are not known much people and where you can spend time alone.

So looking for a quote for the best limo in town, or want to make your wine tour one to remember?

Contact us now and make your wine tour unforgettable, we offer a wide range of luxury fleet of limos in northern Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland to make your special occasions that extra bit special with the perfect vehicle.

Contact us now and get a quote for our luxury limousines for wine tour.

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