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5 Ideas For Wine Tours

It may seem as though spending time with friends and drinking excellent wine is a thing of the past. However, as long as you follow social separation and congregate in small groups of less than ten people, it doesn't have to be. Wine tasting events are ideal in small groups anyhow, since it allows everyone to get to know one another while discussing the various wines. You may throw an incredible tasting event for your closest friends that will be remembered by all with appropriate planning. Creating a great theme for your party will help you and your guests have even more fun. We have chosen 5 of our best themes for you to personalise for your special occasion.

Choose your favourite and tweak it to fit your needs and your guest list. We have also included some hosting tips to help make your wine tasting party a success!

Wine is a vast and complex world. For many, it's more than just a drink; it's a hobby with its own language, culture, and devoted following. For many others, it's simply a drink — a tasty drink with the extra benefit of a jolt. It's great for dinner parties, a relaxing finish to a hard day, and the ideal complement to fruit, cheese, and crusty bread, as if you were sitting in a Parisian café.

1. Chocolate and Wine:

The combination of excellent wines and fine chocolates is a match made in heaven. However, you must be careful when choosing your wines for this choice, as chocolate might alter the flavour of some wines. Find out which wines go best with dark, milk, and white chocolate. Make sure you buy high-quality chocolates and keep trays of bite-sized chocolates on hand at all times.

2. Wine and cheese:

Who doesn't like a good wine and cheese pairing? The idea is to have a wide choice of wines and cheeses on hand. Aim for at least six distinct types of cheese cubes made using toothpicks. Toothpicks should never be used again. Choose from a wide range of international and domestic wines, ranging from white to red. It won't take long for your guests to determine the wine and cheese pairings they like for the tasting.

3. Wine tastings:

They aren't just any old get-together. They are planned, pre-determined events that need careful planning and, in most cases, some investigation. This event is certainly not a last-minute deal because printed information sheets and score cards are normal, but if you're looking for some good-old highfalutin fun, a wine-tasting could be the way to go.

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4. Ladies Night Out:

Bachelorette parties and bridal showers aren't the only occasions for girls-only wine evenings. In fact, you can enjoy wine parties with your girlfriends at any moment! Birthdays, anniversaries, professional changes and promotions, or even a celebration for a buddy who has recently ended a horrible relationship are all excellent reasons to throw a wine party (as if you really needed one!). For an elegant wine tasting event and a pleasant night with your best women friends, include a range of cheeses, chocolates, and fruit. Because we don't want anybody to feel left out, this theme may simply be adapted for a man's night or a couple's party. The sky's the limit, so plan ahead and let your creativity run wild.

5. Go Blind:

Despite what you would think, no one needs to be blindfolded, and you don't have to be concerned about your stemware breaking! Instead, blindfold the bottles of wine by wrapping them in a linen napkin to hide the labels. Give the winner a bottle of wine and a quarterly Wine Club subscription. To keep track of the wines, number each bottle or carafe. You'll have a master list to keep track of which wines are assigned to which numbers. Also, have a lot of spittoons on hand so that folks can get rid of any leftover wine and be ready for the next one.

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