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15 Occasions to Rent a Limousine in Washington DC

Rent a  limousine in Washington DC

Having Limo as your traveling partner is just matchless. Every single time you ride on a Limousine it’s a new royal than before. Having a suited chauffeur at your doorstep to drive you to your destination is an experience in itself. Limousine is different from all the cars the feel of luxury one gets while seated on it is incomparable. Renting a limo service in Washington DC can turn every just an ordinary day into a special one.

1. Business Trip

Business trips start with a timely arrival at an airport and then being picked at a fixed time from the airport to proceed with business matters. Traveling keeps you on a tight schedule and there is no space for being late. As it is said ‘Time is Money’. In the world today time is truly equal to money. Pre-booking your Limousine to travel to your business meeting for sure will release all the stress you have had on your air travel. We make sure that the Chauffeur arrives before your flight lands and is waiting with a welcoming smile to pick you and take you for a premier business tour. Let us handle your transport while you sit back in the seat and scroll through your laptop screen.

2. Wedding

wedding limo service

We offer a stretch limo for the weddings to add a royal hint to your wedding day. Arriving at the wedding venue seated in a Limo is every brides wish. The brides may decide to have a complete day tripping in the grand vehicle and travel on it to church, reception and to the hotel or the new house. We get an opportunity to make their big day a bit more extra special for them with our services.

3. Time Efficient

We value your time more than anything. We completely believe in this that the spent time cannot be regained so it is made sure that our chauffeur is never late for his services. Travelers who are visiting the area for a business meeting or vacations would not want to waste their precious time in booking a cab or finding their destination in the unfamiliar roads. Our chauffeur will pick you right from the gate and will drop you exactly to your designated venue. Since our chauffeurs are familiar with the traffic routine so we will drive you from a specified route to avoid traffic jams and delays.

4. Reliable

Our services are completely reliable and so is our management. We understand what a turn off moment it is to end up at an event late. We perfect our services by making sure that the chauffeur arrives 15 minutes earlier to your venue and you are left with a hassle-free and satisfying experience. It is a pleasure for being a reliable source for our customers.

5. Comfort

Luxury and comfort is a reason why people choose to travel on Limousine. There is no comfort like limo, as it is said. You can sit back peacefully and quietly in your car and enjoy your drive without worrying about anything. The clean seating and refreshing smell of rose sprayed will want you to not end the ride.

6. Safety

Your safety is our priority. We make sure that there is no risk in driving our vehicles, maintenance are kept to keep a check of parts that may lead to accidents. We only have chauffeurs who owns a certified driving license and are experienced in the city routes. We are concerned with safety of other road users also.

7. Bachelors party

A great figure of people every year introduce limo as a part of their bachelor night celebration. They tend to celebrate a night before their wedding by throwing a party with their friends in a farmhouse or some private hall. The host entering the party on a stretch limo is just amazing. Many people choose to rent a limo bus so the whole group can ride on one single vehicle and have fun during the travel too.

8. Prom

prom limo rental service in dc

Prom is one of the most happening event of a student’s life so they tend to rent limo service for prom as their transport. Students chose limo for entering the prom because they think it represents their personality and adds a charm to the memorable day. Some students have a different view for selecting limo for prom night, as they think that it’s the fruitful night after all those struggling years and they deserve to be treated special.

9. Date Night

Some boys choose to make their date night more special and idle by booking a limo for them. Our chauffeur is guided to pick the boy who later goes to pick his girl in the most impressive and kingly attitude.

10. Birthday Limo

Birthday is to be remembered as the happiest day of the year. People all around the world celebrate their birthdays at times with family or with friends. Celebration parties are thrown and the guests brings gifts for the hosts to mark a memory for his big day. Sweet sixteen, eighteen, twenty one, twenty five and fifty are the birthday years which calls for grand celebrations. Sweet sixteen and eighteen are celebrated on the kid being legal and is assumed to be more responsible. While twenty one marks the first year of the count twenty. Since birthday is a very special day so one may decide to travel on a limo to the party venue and enter with a style statement.

11. Quinceanera

Hiring a limo for taking Quinceanera to the mass is becoming a practice these days. Mostly parents and family members decide to book a limo for the young women so she accepts all the responsibilities with a happy heart. It is also a way of thanking the lady for her acceptance on her new phase of life.

12. Winery Tours

wine tasting tour

Winery tours are trending all year round, be it chilly winters or skin burning summers. It’s one of the most relaxing way to enjoy your weekend. Just to upgrade the tour limo are booked to have a comfortable travel to the winery. Customers just book their limo and completely rely on us for the tour traveling. Our chauffeur picks them from their place and takes them to the different wineries they have decided to visit. Where they have a tour of grapes field and enjoy wine tasting. Booking limo service for wine tasting tour will add tremendous experience in your wine tasting tour.