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Top 5 Prom Transportation Ideas in Washington DC & Virginia

As a senior in high school, we all wait our entire life for this special Prom night. Be it later winter or early spring, most of the students start preparing for the big event very seriously.

Everyone wants to experience a memorable time because Prom night is the last event of the school.

From lovely dresses to making a unique entrance as a couple of the night, everything needs to be on point. The issue of Prom transportation rolls in from December to the date of the function. You must want to find an innovative way to reach the venue.

Here are top 5 Prom transportation ideas which can add Prom excitement and thrill to the prom night.

Travel in your own car

When you want to keep things simple, it is not compulsory to hire a luxury car on rent. It is not a bad idea to drive yourself to prom in your own car. It is more convenient because you can leave the house for prom whenever you feel like. You would know better about how much gas you need for your car. Now lets look at the con side which is you will have to drive and that can be tiring. Also, this style can be unromantic if your date is going with you.

Escalade Stretch Limousine for Prom

Make a stylish and extravagant entrance in a lavish Escalade Stretch Limousine. A ride like this allow you to bring your 6-7 friends in a single go. Share all the spicy gossip with your buddies while you travel towards the prom night party. Secondly, you can take your partner on a long lovey-dovey drive before arriving at the venue in luxury limo service.

Luxury chauffeur service will make sure that you are not bothered during your intimate time. You will surely look like a true romanticist.

You can easily book Escalade Stretch limousine for Prom for 4 or 6 hours.

Party Bus Rental for Prom

Are you a social bird who have a very large group of friends?

Don’t worry, Party Bus Rental an ideal ride for you. Party bus rental for Prom contains a beautiful mini bar along with complimentary non-alcoholic drinks.

The premium leather sitting are extremely comfortable. It is a super spacious vehicle. People like you who prefer to travel with more than 15 individuals should consider Party bus.

The interior of Party Bus will make you dance and sing like crazy with your friends. It is like a mini pre-prom party on the go in party bus rental.

An enticing Mercedes Sedan for Prom

The world doesn’t end here on limousines. Many limo companies offer luxury cars like enticing Mercedes Sedan Service or SUV. Forget about feasibility and get ready to put yourself out there.

An enticing ride will be perfect for glittery prom party night. You will look exotic riding in an enticing ride for the flashy prom party.

Try a unique transportation for Prom

Following the same trend can be very boring at times. Spice up your prom night by making an entrance with a unique transportation. Keep it classic with old but gold Jaguars or just decorate a trolley for yourself.

It doesn’t matter if this ride will be uncomfortable. The essential part of prom night is to amaze everyone at school by arriving in something stylish yet interesting.

Prom Limo Serice in Washington and Virginia

Xatric limousine service has got it all for you. Be it Party Bus Rental or Mercedes Sedan, you will find everything here under one roof. Xatric limousine made a name in the Prom Limo Service market by providing the best prom limo service.

We are not just a reliable company, but also a responsible one. Prom party is a sensitive matter to you which is why we want to handle with utmost delicacy.

Book your prom limo service with us in advance to avoid any last moment trouble. Other than prom, we also provide birthday limo, wedding limo service, Christmas limo and many more.

Keep it classy anytime with Xatric limo service.

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