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Wallet-Friendly Secrets For Wine Tasting Trips

Wine tourism is trending internationally and is thought to be an extravagant affair to indulge in. However, a wine vacation does not necessarily need to break the bank. Yes, it is challenging to find inexpensive top-tier vintages and idyllic settings for stay, food, and wine tasting but a little homework and planning of your trip can make it possible. Things such as traveling in a carpool or letting a good transportation company like Xatric to take care of your transportation needs can efficiently make your wine vacation affordable.

Do you want to know more about how to make wine tours pocket-friendly?

Here we have rounded up pro strategies considering these you can easily save some greens as you indulge In the spree of tasting reds and whites.

Selection of Region is Important

Napa Valley, Tuscany, and Bordeaux certainly top the wish list of any wine lover but when planning a wine vacation on a budget consider areas that are less traveled. These will prove to be the treasure trove for tasting varieties of wine for much less. Besides this, you will have to face far less traffic and crowds abundant at these well-known places. Also as these places do not face a frenzy of sky-high rents and high demand their services for food and stay are also comparatively affordable.

Visit Midweek

If you want to learn from your wine tour then plan your visit midweek and avoid visiting on weekend at all costs. During a week you will happen to actually interact with the winemakers and tasting room attendants, listen to their stories about winemaking, and not just have a splash of wine poured in your glass by them.

Also, you can avail some special discounts being offered by wineries to attract customers during the week.

Share Tastings

Sharing a glass for wine tasting is a good practice to taste more for less. Depending upon the area and wineries sharing tastings can save you as much as 10$-45$. This also means you can drive safely your way back home as you will have far less wine this way.

Make Most of Your Trip

Interactions with attendants at wine tasting rooms can give you priceless information on wines and other local stuff. You can inquire about the best local spots for food, any special wines that are usually offered to interested visitors only, and other fun activities in town.

Pack a Lunch

Wine country restaurants offer food but that can be pricey. How about packing a picnic lunch and enjoying it among wines with a bottle of wine bought from the winery. You will need to ask for permission in advance regarding bringing your own food though. You can easily save 80-100$ by having one picnic meal during your tour.

Book Transportation with Xatric

Driving yourself to the wine tasting is not a good idea considering the safety risks. You should book a vehicle with a company like Xatric which offer competitive rates and good service. Sharing your ride with friends and splitting the cost saves you even more. You can book a limo for a wine tour, or hire a van and enjoy your trip luxuriously and safely.

You can book limousines, town cars, vans, and buses with Xatric. We are providing services in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

Our trained chauffeurs know exactly how to help you make most your wine vacation. With well-maintained vehicles and competitive rates, Xatric will be your go-to travel companion forever for every occasion. Request a free price quote now or call our customer service to avail deals and packages that suit your budget.

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