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What Is A Unique Choice For A Wedding Car?

Apart from cost, there are several factors to consider when selecting a wedding vehicle, so we thought we would offer our thoughts on what to consider while looking for a unique vehicle for a special occasion.

Picking your wedding vehicle is a crucial decision in the event planning process, but with so many options and variables to consider, it may be difficult. Whatever mode of transportation you choose on your wedding day, make sure it matches your relationship and the theme of your wedding. And besides, it is one of the first things your guests will notice! Keeping this in mind, the first step in selecting the ideal wedding car is to ensure that you and your partner want the same thing.

How to Select a Wedding Car?

Consider Your Timings:

Determine the precise hours when you will require wedding service. If you are having a church service, you will need transportation to go to the location and for photo shoots once there. Even those who are having the ceremony and reception at the same location may choose to book a wedding car for an hour or two to have some alone time with each other on the big day.

Match Your Wedding Car to Your Wedding Theme:

Select a wedding car rental that complements the theme of your special day. Classic cars are a common choice because they are appropriate for all types of weddings. Xatric , for example, has a collection of historical cars that would be ideal for a traditional wedding. As part of the package, your wedding car can be decorated with bows and roses to match your colour scheme. Including these vintage vehicles, they have a variety of modern vehicles, both sporty and economical. With Xatric, you will find it simple to match the car to your theme!

Think About Your Wedding Gown:

When hiring a wedding car, it is common to neglect if you and your gown will fit inside! In your last dress fitting, practise sitting down so you know you can travel in your wedding gown. Brides frequently discover that the first time they attempt to sit down in their gown is when they get into the car to drive to the wedding, and it may be very uncomfortable and difficult to breathe if the gown isn't properly fitting. Not the best way to begin your special day!

Enhance Your Colour Scheme:

Because your wedding car will show in many of your wedding images, consider the type and colour of your wedding car carefully. Whether you choose a neutral car that complements your theme or something that pops out in your images, before booking, examine whether your car fits your vision. Xatric  has some stunning limos as well as modern cars for rental, so if you want to make a statement in your photos, these are the folks to contact!

Give yourself time:

If you have your heart set on a particular wedding car, it is critical that you book it as soon as possible. Wedding transport hiring providers are booked up quickly on busy wedding weekends, especially during the summer, so make sure you get in touch with them as quickly as possible to prevent frustration.

Every couple wants their wedding vehicle to be unique and distinct and capture everyone's attention. Flowers, ribbons, and garlands are obviously important in adorning the car, but no component is more important than the colour of the car itself. As a result, it is critical to select a colour that is attractive and can make the car stand out with the least bit of effort.

There are a few colours that have been shown to be a big hit with your friends and relatives.

Here are six examples:


Black will always be a popular choice among new couples; after all, black is the most unique and timeless of all options. It  is also an elegant and classy colour that works well for wedding cars. When you combine the colour black with a limo or a beautiful car, you have a winning mix. Making the main vehicle black and then complementing with another colour for the wedding party will draw attention to the black car even more.


Pink is a less frequent colour for wedding vehicles, but it is a colour that is sure to create a stylish statement. It catches the attention of everyone who sees it in a way that no other colour can.


Silver is an elegant, beautiful, and classy colour to go for. It is a fantastic addition to practically all other colours and may easily complement either a modern or classic style wedding. Silver car is a dignified and attractive metal that is frequently connected with nature. It  is dazzling, and when coupled with black, it exudes elegance.


Then there's the celebratory colour. On your wedding day, nothing says celebration like a champagne-colored car. The champagne-colored limo's gold hue also represents prosperity and happiness, good health, joy, and relaxation; it is also strongly tied to the vibrancy and joy of the colour yellow.


Blue colour is now becoming increasingly fashionable among married couples. Blue is a pleasing colour that conveys peace and elegance. It is perfect for a beach wedding, not to mention the ancient proverb, "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue." The blue part will be completely taken care of with a blue wedding car. It is a popular colour, and it looks especially nice on wedding cars. Did I mention it goes well with rose bouquets?


Whereas black was once considered a must colour for wedding cars, white is now considered the go-to colour. The colour white is frequently seen on wedding cars, and it is easy to see why. The colour white stands out against the sea of black cars and helps it stand out from the audience. A white limo will turn eyeballs because it is elegant, fashionable, and trendy. White also innocence, which is something that all couples strive for. White wedding automobiles also go nicely with the flowers, tulles, and ribbons that are used to decorate them.

If you have a specific colour in mind for your wedding car or limo, please let us know so that we can assist you get "through" the wedding with amazing colours!

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